Water Damage Restoration in Naperville: 3 Natural Specimens That Cause Damage To Your Home

water damage restoration naperville, water damage naperville, water damage repair napervilleSpring has sprung, and the flora and fauna is flourishing. One of the greatest parts of spring is the absolutely lush greenery expanding as far as the eye can see, and new life being created and born. Here in Naperville, Illinois, especially, our sun and humidity offer so much to nature. However, sometimes nature offers us things in our home that we don’t want. Here are three naturally occurring specimens that could cause damage to your home:


Fungus is a spore-producing organism that feeds on decomposing organic matter, such as rotting wood. Fungus travels by spread, either by growing on a surface, or by releasing its spores through the air. Types of fungus run the gamut, from the cute little vest-wearing creature on Mario Kart, to the unsightly growths on your back after a particularly sweaty stint at the gym. However, the fungus kingdom also includes mold. And lots of it. There are literally thousands of different types of molds in the world, and when it comes to water damage, it can seem like you’re having to deal with all of them. While there are over a dozen different types of molds that are common in water-damaged homes, Stachybotrys, or “black mold”, is the most feared. It is not only ugly, as it can spread incredibly easily and within 48 hours of initial flooding, it is also dangerous. Black mold can cause watery eyes, sneezing, and itchy skin. It also has been correlated to a number of upper respiratory diseases. Without proper measures taken for damage restoration, black mold can digest the foundation of your home, stain your walls, and cause serious health concerns.


Trees are a staple of Illinois landscaping, and for good reason too. Large, adult trees are generally low-maintenance throughout the year, and provide shade and idealistic aesthetic to your yard and home. With strategically planted trees, you have the knowledge that it won’t threaten the safety of the structure of your home. However, naturally-growing trees can be difficult to maintain if they begin to grow too close to the house. The roots of large trees can slowly grow around important water pipes leading into your home. As the tree grows, the roots thicken and can tighten around the pipe, causing it to burst. A single burst pipe has the potential to release up to eight gallons of water per minute. Additionally, some trees simply grow right into pipelines, and that root can begin to rot into the water system. Rotting root water is considered highly toxic, and difficult to detect right away. While these may some of nature’s prettiest structures, they can cause damage and aid in the ease of water coming into your home.


With millions of different species and subspecies, the insect diversity differs from place to place. Here in Naperville, some of the insect infestations we have to deal with can sometimes prove to be a threat to multiple aspects of your home, whether it be by laying their eggs behind your drywall, digesting parts of your house’s foundation, or spreading bacteria on surfaces. Cockroaches, mites, and earwigs are all attracted to damp, dark locations throughout the house. Ants can survive in many different home climates, but thrive in damp areas where foodstuffs are kept. Mosquitoes lay their eggs on the surfaces of water pools, and have been known to proliferate in as little water as a cupped leaf. Even if the bulk of the water has been removed from your home, the moisture absorbed into different surfaces provide ideal living arrangements for all sorts of pests. These living conditions can cause these bugs to eat away at your structure, opening the door for water damage. When this occurs, local water damage restoration teams will need to come in and help fix the problem.

Water Damage Restoration In Naperville

GCPRO Restoration of Naperville, Illinois is a local, family owned and operated water damage restoration service with over 100 years of collective experience. As a full-service damage restoration company, our experts not only provide water mitigation, but complete pack-out, cleaning, mold remediation, and reconstruction services as well. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and an IICRC certification, all our technicians receive advanced training to guarantee you receive the best service possible. Our water damage restoration experts offer 24/7 emergency service, as well as immediate implementation of their eight-step damage restoration process, including mold remediation, debris removal, and repairs and reconstruction. And for those who still love nature even after everything it’s done to your home, our team takes significant steps to help offset their carbon footprint by utilizing environmentally friendly products and processes. Springtime is the time of year for new life, growth, and greenery. It’s also the time of year you should take extra measures to make sure nature won’t damage your home. But when it does, water damage restoration experts are here to make sure nature goes back to where it belongs.

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