Common Culprits of Water Damage And Restoration Costs In November

water damage restoration naperville, water damage naperville, water damage repair napervilleIn Naperville, winter hits hard. If you’re anxiously waiting the next few weeks where you’ll be bundled up in blankets and sweatshirts, you’re not alone. As we begin anticipating the busy holiday season, it doesn’t take long to realize that we have approximately zero extra minutes in the day to accomplish the tasks that “responsible adults” are supposed to do. (When’s the last time we actually got that one thing inspected or replaced that air filter on time?) One thing is for sure: Time is becoming more of a luxury than a common good. The last thing we want to do is add to your to-do list with unnecessary dos and don’ts of how to handle winter water damage. Here’s our little tip though: Putting in a few extra minutes at the beginning of the cold season can free up hours of your time during the winter months by avoiding a pipe burst or equally frustrating case of winter water damage in Naperville. 

Water Damage Restoration In Naperville

Rain Gutters

Picture this: You have a rain gutter that is about as old as dirt itself. It’s rusty, but it does the job. To be honest, you haven’t looked inside it for at least five years. Let’s say this winter we experience a few nasty snowstorms back-to-back (not uncommon in Naperville), and your rain gutters fill with snow and ice. Over time, these layers will pile up and create mini ice dams under your roof, leaking water in the space between your siding and cement structure. Hello, water damage. Well, ignorance is bliss, right? Unfortunately with rain gutters, water damage can happen in a matter of a few days. Take the time upfront amidst your busy schedule to prioritize keeping your home in a safe and damage-free condition. 


If someone has ever told you that they’ve burst a pipe, your response has probably been a combination of a grimace and an “I’m so sorry!”. If homeowners compiled a list of things we want to deal with this month, a burst pipe would likely be at the very bottom. Fortunately, preventing a burst pipe is relatively simple. Keep the heat turned up (your pipes and your feet with thank you), and avoid turning off your HVAC unit while on vacation. Aim for at least 60 degrees. If you want to go the extra mile, call a professional in the water damage restoration industry and have them check out your pipes for leaks and potential trouble spots. 

Going Forward

Water damage restoration has many negative repercussions. Small spills or neglected leaks soak into flooring, walls, and cabinets to create a moist environment perfect for mold growth. We’re not suggesting that you spend time every day scouring the house for water damage (unless you are interested in joining our Naperville team, that is), but we are suggesting that as you’re performing regular household tasks, you take a minute to check for anything out of the ordinary. What small task can I do right now to prevent my home from water damage restoration? Whether you replace the hose on the refrigerator, clean out the rain gutters, or re-caulk the bathroom, your December self with thank you. If you need assistance checking for water damage or handling any degree of whatever damage, give us a call!

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