Water Damage Restoration For Bedroom Floors

water damage restoration naperville, water damage repair naperville, water damage cleanup napervilleKitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and basements are the most common areas of a typical home to experience water damage. However, even though bedrooms seldom have plumbing or  pipes, they can have other causes of water damage. Some possible issues are:

Damaged Windows

Due to normal wear and tear, one of the most commonly damaged areas of the window is the sill– the flat part along the bottom of the frame. It often gets damaged because it is a convenient place to set things: plants, pots and wet drinks.

Sometimes the panes themselves are broken, but more commonly, leaks are due to cracked or missing glazing and insulation.

In Chicago, we run the A/C in the summer and heaters all winter. With a big temperature differential, airborne moisture clings to the inside of the glass. This condensation is the most common source of water damage. As the little rivulets of water flow onto the sills, frames and walls around the window, it discolors or bubbles the paint. It also can lead to rot on the wooden parts of the window. 

Leaky A/C Systems

Air conditioners cool the air by removing humidity. This water then accumulates in the HVAC unit before it flows through a line to the exterior. If bacteria clog the drainage line, the drip pan could overflow in your HVAC unit. If it is in the attic, the water can flow through your ceiling. If it is in an adjacent hallway or closet, the moisture can creep along the floor and under the wall.

Spills and Drips (And Dog Water Bowls)

Water damage can come from any amount of water that lingers on the floor. For example, if you always place a full glass of water by the bed, you take a chance that it’ll get knocked over at night. Potted house plants allow a low of moisture to stay in contact with the carpet or hardwood floors. And a dog bowl placed directly on the floor will get mold or mildew underneath. 

Floods From The Nearby Bathroom

If your room has an ensuite bathroom, you are at risk from a secondary flood. Overflowing toilets, and tubs and showers might all contribute to the water damage. Keep an eye out for any signs of mold, mildew or discoloration or walls or floors near the threshold to the bathroom. 

Full-Service Water Damage Restoration in Naperville

Connect with our water damage cleanup experts for “start to finish” restoration services. Unlike many disaster companies who only take care of cleaning and leave you to handle the repairs and reconstruction all by yourself – GCPRO Restoration is a full-service reconstruction company that can handle the entire project from start to finish. 

Over the past 12 years, GCPRO has helped over 5,000  households in the greater Chicago area with all sorts of disasters. The team has the knowledge, the people, processes and equipment necessary to support you through water damage restoration

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