4 Myths About Water Damage Cleanup

water damage cleanup naperville, water damage restoration naperville, water damage repair napervilleBroken pipes, damaged roofs, or even a window left open in a rainstorm can cause problems in your Naperville home. More than ⅓ of U.S. homeowners will have a water damage claim of significant size to claim against their property insurance. Although most homes will experience water damage in their lifespan, homeowners are often misinformed about water damage cleanup. The top misunderstandings are:

Myth #1 The Process is Complete When the Carpets are Dry

As an indicator of dryness, carpets are useless. Since they dry much faster than other building materials, you may leave moisture that could damage materials or foster mold. The process is complete when the entire structure is dry: cement floors, walls, ceilings. Reliable water damage cleanup technicians frequently measure moisture levels using advanced meters and sensors to determine when the home is completely dry- not just the rugs. 

Myth #2 DIY Restoration is Less Expensive  

In some cases, like a small water leak or grease fire from the stove, the damage can be cleaned using household products. However, you may not have the tools or expertise to completely remediate the water damage alone. 

Even if you rent professional grade tools at a reasonable price, much of the equipment is more difficult to operate than you might expect. Actually, cheap equipment rentals can become more costly than hiring a professional if you don’t have the experience.  

Myth #3 Always Contact Your Insurance Company First

When it comes to water damage the first step you need to take is to contact your insurance company. Correction — You want to take care of any standing water as soon as possible to avoid secondary damage such as mold. Since it is almost impossible to know the extent of the water damage without having a professional water damage cleanup company assess the situation, contacting your insurance company first can cause major delays in the cleanup  repair process. The first step you want to take is to contact local professionals to assess the damage.  When they are on their way, call the insurance company.

Myth #4(A) My Insurance Covers It All

Most insurance companies do not cover flood damage or secondary damage such as mold or mildew. It is always a good idea to go over your insurance coverage to see what situations are covered and what is not. Do not wait until a disaster strikes to review your coverage. If you live in a flood prone area, consider investing in flood insurance.  

Myth #4(B) My Insurance Won’t Cover It At All

Many times homeowners assume if they have a small flood, clean up and repair costs will come out of their pocket. Depending on the source of the water, your homeowner’s insurance might cover all of the damages. Although each situation is completely unique and different. When you call our water damage cleanup experts, they can come out to give you a free estimate, then work with your insurance company to get you the best coverage for your dilemma.

Full-Service Water Damage Cleanup In Naperville

Connect with our water damage cleanup experts for “start to finish” restoration services. Unlike many disaster companies who only take care of cleaning and leave you to handle the repairs and reconstruction all by yourself – GCPRO Restoration is a full-service reconstruction company that can handle the entire project from start to finish. 

Over the past 12 years we’ve helped over 5,000 (and counting) households in the greater Chicago area whose homes were harmed by all sorts of disasters, so you can be sure that our team has the knowledge, the people, processes and equipment necessary to provide you with the help you need. 

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