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Five Ways To Check For Water Damage During A Walkthrough Of A Home

When looking for a new house, an underestimated skill is the ability to recognize potential problems with the home during a brief walkthrough of it. One problem area you should look out for during a walkthrough is water damage. Water damage is often coupled with mold growth so finding some can tip you off that the home has both a water damage problem and a mold damage problem. From our water damage restoration experts at GCPRO in Naperville, below are five indications of water damage that you should look for during a walkthrough of a home.

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Musty Odor

A musty odor means that there is mold somewhere in the home. Mold is a consequence of excess moisture. Thus, a musty odor means that there is some degree of excess moisture and probably water damage somewhere in the home. Don’t put off identifying the source of the smell if you do detect a musty odor so you can put a stop to water damage in its tracks.


Discolored and stained walls and ceilings are a strong indication of water damage. Usually, the discoloration presents itself as gray or black stains. It is not visually so it is easy to detect once you see it. The tricky thing about discoloration is that it shows you there is some form of damage, but it is difficult to tell how extensive the damage actually is.


Mold is a very common problem for homeowners so there is a decent chance that there is a mold problem in the homes you visit. Make it a point to check the damp and dark corners of the home since those are the areas most susceptible to water damage and mold growth.

Pooling Water Or Puddles

This is more difficult to detect during a single walkthrough since the real concern is noticing consistent water pooling over time. Nonetheless, if you notice moisture in places that it shouldn’t be, this should be an immediate concern that merits further investigation.

Soft Spots

Water damage that has been left for a long time can leave some other clues even if there are no outward signs of mold. Black mold can grow on the inside of walls and underneath floors and can be just as risky for your health when the spores are airborne. While you are walking through, make sure you notice if there are any soft spots in the flooring, especially in kitchens, laundry rooms, or bathrooms. You should also feel along the walls for soft spots and dampness. Even if you do not feel any damp spots, you may feel some bubbling where water separated the paint from the drywall.

We hope these tips will help you be more prepared the next time you tour a new home. If there are water damage problems, we hope you are able to recognize them. If not, however, you can have more confidence that you didn’t miss any potential water damage issues during the walkthrough of the home. For any water damage restoration needs you may have personally, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at GCPRO in Naperville.

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