The Process Of Cleaning Up Your Fire-Damaged Home

fire damage cleanup chicagoIf you have ever experienced fire damage to your property, whether it be from a cooking mishap, a major fire, or even a natural disaster, we know it can feel extremely overwhelming when you start navigating what needs to be done. It can be difficult to know how and what to do and costly to repair. 

Fire Damage Cleanup In Chicago

At GC PRO, our team of experts has the experience that will help guide you through the entire restoration process. Here are some helpful tips we have discovered if you find yourself in the process of cleaning your property.

Property Damage Evaluation

The first step in the fire damage cleanup process is evaluating the property damage. Once you evaluate the damage this helps you determine to what extent there has been damage. It will also give feedback to know what needs to be done to restore the property back to its original pre-fire damage state. After the evaluation has been conducted, any and all damaged or charred materials should be removed to prevent toxic build-up. This process can be beyond time-consuming, overwhelming, and emotionally taxing so doing it alone is not always the best or only option available.

Removal & Salvaging Of Belongings

Once the fire-damaged drywall, ceiling tiles, and other charred debris have been removed, it is vital to work as quickly and efficiently as you can to salvage everything that can be preserved. Once these steps are accomplished, it is best to follow up with extensive personal restoration. It can be beneficial to conduct a thorough cleaning and removal of soot, ash, and smoke. 

Conduct Repairs & Replacements

Next in the fire damage restoration process is to repair and replace any damaged items. It is best to remove any unwanted and/or hazardous materials as soon as possible to prevent continual contamination. Once these measures have been taken, you can be confident that your property, whether home or business, will be back to its pre-fire condition quicker than if you had lingered in starting the restoration clean-up process.

While we know it can be tempting to do all of this yourself, the emotional toll it will take on you while going through your damaged personal items will prove to be tremendously overwhelming. In addition to emotional exhaustion, there are almost always safety hazards present.

We pride ourselves on a job well done and perform with excellence when it comes to restoring your property to its pre-loss condition. We guarantee any smoke and residue left over will be removed as well as any water damage sustained. During the fire restoration cleanup process, there will be a lot of scrubbing and deodorizing if we find extensive smoke damage. Our goal is to make sure that you, your property, and your valuables our restored to their pre-fire damaged state as quickly and efficiently as possible. We always recommend working with our team of experts due to our expertise, experience, and efficiency. If you or someone you know are in Chicagoland or the surrounding area and are in need of fire restoration services, get in touch with us today!

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