How To Keep Your Home Safe As The Weather Becomes Warmer

water damage restoration chicagoYou may be getting excited as the days become longer, the snow disappears, and the sun shines more. As much as you might be looking forward to putting your winter coats away for a while, winter turning into spring comes with some risks, especially when it comes to water damage in your home. Here are a few things you should make sure you do to keep your home safe from water damage or flooding this spring.

Check Your Roof And Make Any Needed Repairs

Winter can be hard on a roof. Storms can break or damage shingles, and snow can put a lot of weight and strain on the roof as it stays there for months. Once it has melted off, checking your roof’s condition is vital. Fix or replace any broken or missing shingles. It is also a good idea to check your attic and look for signs of water damage.

Clear Out Your Gutters

Melting snow and ice can cause your home’s gutters to clog, preventing them from draining properly. As they create a dam, the snow and ice on your roof will have a more challenging time flowing off your roof. Regularly checking your gutters and making sure they are clear of any dams can also prevent your roof from requiring more lengthy repairs. 

Ensure No Water Is Coming Into Your Basement From The Outside

All of that melting snow needs to go somewhere, and it will naturally move downwards. This can increase the risk of experiencing any basement flooding. Ensure all windows and doors are correctly sealed with no cracks to stop them from seeping in from the outside. If there are any signs that damage has occurred to them, make sure you repair them and seal them up so you do not have to deal with a flooded basement next time there is a big storm outside. 

Check Your Appliances Regularly

Home flooding and water damage are often caused due to leaky appliances. Ensuring that all of your appliances are working correctly and not leaking water is crucial. Check their hookups to ensure they are appropriately connected. 

Look For Damaged Pipes And Check Waterspouts On The Outside Of The House

Pipes do wear out eventually. To prevent any pipes from bursting or leaking, it is good to regularly check up on them and make sure no maintenance is needed. If you ignore any damage your pipes have, you put your home at risk of mold growth and worse structural damage. Any spouts connected to the outside of your house that connect to hoses also need to be checked for leaking or damage. Do not connect a hose to them until you are confident they are not at risk of bursting.

Water Damage Restoration—Chicago, Illinois

Discovering water damage in your home is incredibly frustrating and is more of a risk as the weather worsens. If you find any water damage needing restoration in your home in the Chicago area, call GCPRO to help you repair it and give you peace of mind that your home is safe.

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