Downsides Of DIY Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration chicagoCleaning up a water-damaged mess is typically a lot more complicated than just pumping out water and drying things out. Other issues like health hazards, having the right equipment, being thorough, and making a large enough time commitment can all get in the way of properly restoring the damage. 

Water Damage Restoration Chicago

From our restoration professionals at GCPRO, here are four potential hazards of a DIY water damage restoration job.

Health Hazards Of Water Damage

Water damage restoration is a lot more than pumping some water out of your home. In practice, there are many hurdles that tend to crop up during the restoration process. One of the most concerning of these is the health hazards created by a flood. These health hazards include contaminated water, structural damage, mold damage, electrical problems, gas leaks, pest infestations, and more. Though you may be prepared to handle some of these hazards on your own, you never know what problem will crop up next, and it is all too easy to suddenly find yourself in over your head in a dangerous situation. 

Lacking The Proper Equipment

Water damage restoration is significantly more effective when commercial-grade equipment is used to clean up the mess. For instance, while you may have a dehumidifier that can remove a couple of gallons of moisture every few hours, commercial-grade dehumidifiers can remove hundreds of gallons of water in the course of a few hours. Before investing in a DIY project, make sure that the equipment you have is up to the task. 

Unsuccessful Dry-Out

In a similar vein to preventing future water damage disasters, a key element of the water damage restoration process that is often overlooked is the need to completely dry out all of the remaining moisture in the home. This can actually be extremely difficult to do given all the nooks and crannies scattered throughout a home. Once again, a professional water damage restoration company is better equipped to thoroughly clean and dry your home while it is easier for you to overlook remaining moisture when repairing the damage on your own

Future Hazards And Water Damage Problems

Even after all the damage has seemingly been repaired, in some cases it may still be the beginning of your water damage woes. It is common for one water damage problem to give way to another until before you know it you are constantly dealing with water damage-related problems. Working with a professional restoration company reduces the likelihood of future water damage events significantly since professional technicians know what to look for and what to do to fully repair the damage so that future problems do not crop up.

The last thing you want is to get neck-deep into a DIY water damage restoration job only to realize that you lack the time, equipment, or expertise to get the job done. Nonetheless, if this happens to you or you have any questions regarding the water damage restoration process, don’t hesitate to give us a call at GCPRO for help.

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