Causes Of Fires In The Workplace

fire damage cleanup chicagoThe vast majority of fires that are attended by rescue services occur in non-residential buildings and are recorded as workplace incidents. According to OSHA reports, more than 200 workplace fires per day, result in injuries and death. Unfortunately, there are so many factors that contribute to the likelihood of a fire that is typically avoidable. With so many people involved in a workplace, it is essential to take the proper steps to reduce the risk of fires. 

Fire Damage Cleanup – Chicago

A work environment should always feel safe for everyone involved. With extra care and attention, the chances of a fire breaking out can be minimized drastically. There are common causes of fires, so knowing what those are can save lives. 


One of the most common reasons for fires in the workplace is regularly leaving the building cluttered and untidy. The lack of consistent cleaning will leave a build-up of grease, dirt, and dust, especially if the area is poorly ventilated. Dirt and dust left behind on machinery and equipment will cause them to overheat and risk a fire if left unattended. 

Common clutter that is left behind is often combustibles such as paper and cardboard. Allowing these items to pile up is essentially kindling for a fire. If one does happen to break out, the amount of mess left behind will just ignite it further, making it more difficult to put out. 

With all of that said, it is important to perform regular cleaning tasks. Every so often, have employees complete organizational tasks to decrease the amount of clutter, as well as dust and clean their personal areas. Moreover, after hours, cleaning companies can ensure that the office looks great every single day, decreasing the chances of fire damage in the workplace.

Faulty Equipment

The risk of having equipment in a workplace is that it can malfunction. Wires that come loose can spark fires, as well as overheated, faulty equipment. As stated earlier, malfunctioning equipment that hasn’t been cleaned in a while can also ignite a flame. Regular inspections and maintenance are essential in minimizing the likelihood of a fire. Once any problems are noticed, they must be taken care of immediately. Putting it on the back burner can be extremely dangerous and risk the health and safety of others in the workplace. 

Human Error

Since there are usually so many people present in the workplace, mistakes are bound to happen. Unfortunately, that also means that there is a higher risk of fire damage in response. There are so many possibilities of oversights, such as misuse of equipment, neglecting to report issues, and even cooking food unattended. Accidents can easily occur, especially without proper training in place. To lower the possibility of accidents, therefore injuries, all staff must be given basic fire safety training. This is to ensure that the correct procedures are followed if any hazards are found. Additionally, if a fire were to break out, all staff would know how to exit the building safely. 

Taking precautions to ensure that fires do not break out in the workplace is essential to the safety of others. However, there are times when fires are unavoidable. Mistakes are bound to occur, and things can be overlooked. If a fire does erupt, trying to bring back the place to its original state can be daunting, especially attempting fire damage cleanup on your own. However, professionals at GCPRO are readily available to assist you. Any fire damage done to your business place will be eliminated, bringing it back to how you remember it so that you can safely get back to what you love.

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